Fix it in Five with Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad!

International reality series with play, brain science, diverse families, and The Brain Broad!


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is an idea hatched out of Lynette's desire to share her tools of change with volume!

Lynette Louise is eagerly invited into homes around the world where she teaches important attitudinal shifts and brain science to families struggling with brain disorders. Hundreds of children, parents, aunts and grandpa's have benefited from her passion and neurofeedback equipment. According to Lynette, "That's not enough!" 

By offering her services as a reality show Lynette is able to give families willing to be on camera a free five day life changing therapy marathon. At the same time audiences are gifted with answers, entertainment and an exampling of living life with creativity and intention. 

Certainly, you can enjoy watching FIX IT IN FIVE on The Autism Channel, where it has been aired in it's unfinished form in six-nine minutes snippets, and has gained a faithful and action oriented following.

'Or you can order the DIRECTOR'S CUT of all five freshly edited and powerfully professional episodes now to add to your DVD collection! You are part of a select few being offered the opportunity to purchase, and learn from, this amazing six hour set!

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For only $187.00, you can own six hours of entertainment that brings you fabulous fun, tears and laughter, play and struggle, poverty and power. Also, brain science insights, environmental tips, behavioral instructions, explanations, and suggestions!

Purchase the first five episodes of this unique, popular, and beautiful show now! Invite your family to snuggle in and watch, then invite friends and professionals to a screening where you can learn and jot down talking points. Whether it's for your child, your school, or both, FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD is a must for any environment with children!!

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